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Please join us September 17th for the Opening Reception of Dan Seagrave’s ‘Migrators.’

Seagrave gained notoreity in the metal community and beyond with his four decades of iconic album art; his client list including Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Landmine Marathon, Xibalba, Harness, Disgrace, Edge of Sanity, Warefare and many more.

Aside from his commissions, Seagrave has continued to work on personal projects, one of which being the Migrators series.

In 2006, he made a short film in the UK called Shadowline. In amongst the filming, Seagrave scattered small drawings of moths, and various illustrations of metamorphosis stage, employed as tools to represent the psychological journey of the main characters. This became in essence the prototype idea for a later series he entitled ‘‘Migrators’.

By the time he revisited the idea years later, Seagrave realized that the Migrators should not be bound by conventional form, or necessarily be presented as symmetrical in the way that animals bodies are balanced: they could be interpreted as some type of insects or birds, or neither. These transcedental forms allude to the illusive nature of evolution, and represent the lost or never conceived ‘ideas’ of possible species.

Dan Seagrave concludes by saying the following,

“Within evolution there suggests the idea of a creator. One that rejects, or abandons ill suited forms. And so we have the Migrators. Existing perhaps as Meta forms from an implausible sub linear strand of evolutionary rejection. The ghost of an idea.
These drifting elementals display their corrupted malformed shapes as if mineralized by eons of time. Such as might be seen in a scattered fossil record. Each one a unique rejection of evolution. Gathering atomic data inconsequentially.
Transience and illegitimacy becomes their function. In a functionless void.”

Seagrave will be in attendance selling prints, drinking libations and talking about his work. The first ten people get special edition prints signed and numbered by the artist.

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